Current Courses

EDU 767: Literature for Children

EDC 720: Literacy Methods in the Early Primary Grades

Sample Syllabus: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pNLK9h7sMemTl2bESm_YEU2x_Z_1C0jQ/view?usp=sharing

EDC 805: Professional Lives of Teachers

EDC 405: Culturally Responsive Teaching

Other Courses Taught

EDU 300: Reading, Writing, and Children’s Literature

EDU 739: Literacy Instruction & Assessment in the Early Childhood & Elementary Classroom

EDU 425: Literacy Assessment/Intervention with Field Experience

EDU 999C: Teaching Children to Write

EDU 758: Using Literature across the Curriculum

EDU 727: Foundations of Reading

EDU 749: Problems in Teaching Reading